Personal Structures · Reflections

Del 23 de abril al 27 de noviembre de 2022
Palazzo Mora
Durante la 59 Bienal de Venecia 2022

The Personal Structures project was initiated in 2002 and was conceived as an itinerant open platform, where artists can present their work, thoughts, and research in exhibitions, symposia, and publications. After some years of travelling around the world, from Asia to North America and Europe, the project found its home in Venice, Italy, where the first edition of the Personal Structures exhibition took place in 2011.

Venice, as a crossroads of cultures and important exchanges in history, has always been of inspiration for people from all over the world, impressed by the uniqueness of the city: the cultural heritage, the local traditions, and the peculiar natural environment of the lagoon. Over the years, Venice has become a reference point for the latest developments in art. Renowned art and culture institutions, museums, exhibitions, and galleries live together on this small island, a place where the past, the present, and the future coexist.

This is where the European Cultural Centre set its first satellite and developed the project into biennial contemporary art and architecture exhibitions, workshops, cultural events, educational programmes and activities.

Every two years, visual artists, photographers, academic institutions, and cultural entities are invited to present their works reflecting on the fundamental topics of Time, Space, and Existence, by revealing their viewpoint on contemporary art.

By giving space to a diverse and growing number of participants, our project aims to continuously stimulate new and inclusive dialogues. Art is an essential part of our culture to unlock new ideas and experiences, which should be open to all. All ECC venues will keep their doors open and free access, giving the opportunity to discover innovative projects, explore historical Venetian buildings and experience public spaces in the city.

The sixth edition of Personal Structures 2022 has been possible thanks to the collaboration and contribution of the heterogeneous group of participants who took part in this year’s exhibition.

During these years we have learned to support each other, to listen, to empathise with those who were close and far from us. We helped each other, with the hope and the responsibility to change the future.

The artistic contribution of each participant, through different languages, media, and topics, is significant and inspirational to initiate those reflections.

The hard work and dedication of all the ECC team has been essential for the realisation of this event. Young international professionals, who are sharing a common passion for art and culture, each one with a diverse story and expertise, have organised a unique exhibition and programme.

We are grateful for the continuous support and enthusiasm of all the partners involved. We thank everyone who took part in this project, for the joint efforts, persistence, hope, vision, trust, and passion that made Personal Structures 2022 possible.

European Cultural Centre Team

MEADOWS International Fine Art Artist

MEADOWS Mask Art Venice 2022 is a “Reflection” of a period of trauma that the world went through during the Covid-19 pan- demic. Initiated by MEADOWS president Lena Kelekian in 2020 in collaboration with UNESCO on the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, it represented a col- lective effort against the Covid-19 outbreak contributing towards fostering a sense of global social responsibility.

The installation 2022, realized through an audiovisual pres- entation of protection Masks transformed into art canvases, dis- play artworks of 75 artists from 50 countries and reflect fears, concerns and desperation as well as aspirations and hopes. Looking forward to a time when everyone drops the masks physically and psychologically, these colorful artworks paved the way to a world of solidarity and faith in the human race.

In addition, it is a worthy tribute to the longstanding tradi- tion of the prestigious carnival masks that have given Venice one of its charms and identity over the years, where artistic creativ- ity has been manifested in its most refined forms. Once masks worn to hide the identities become statements reflecting the identity of the artists and the countries they represent.

The darkest moments in history are catalyzers for creative artistic movements sparking the brightest creations in the hearts and minds of artists, acting as litmus papers detecting changes before anyone else.

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