IVth International Online Art Exhibition
Del 30 de septiembre al 30 de octubre de 2021
Chandigarh · India

As said by Kabir Das, A Teacher and Philosophers Stone are distinguishable by the wise; the Philosopher’s Stone turns the metal into gold. But a great teacher transforms his disciples and inspires them to reach the skies just like himself. A Guru (mentor) will always guide his disciple for his betterment. He is the one who ignites hope, imagination and instils the love of learning in the heart of his disciple. This Love of learning is the most necessary lesson and in it lies happiness, strength and calmness. It is a remedy for what ails us. It is indeed an unending source of pleasure. When a Guru instils this into his disciple, he is preparing him not only for his life, but also for the whole world. A Guru not only constructs the life of his disciple but also contemplates the future of the society through him. Blessed is the one who has such a Guru in life. Eminent artist of his times, Sh. Chintamani Kar implanted and nurtured the then budding artist Sh. Biman Bihari Das, who is one of the most renowned sculptors all around the world now. Sh. Das continued the Guru-Shishya Parampara and planted the same seed into Dr. Sanjeev Kumar. Today, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar is a well known sculptor. He didn’t forget his responsibilities and passed on his knowledge to his students. Nirantar group was started by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Ms. Disha Sharma and Mr. Shriprakash Rawat back in 1996. It was revived in the year 2017 by the next generations of disciples. It believes in and follows the ‘Guru-Shishya Parampara’ and is devoted to foster the same. Each year Group Nirantar presents exhibitions dedicated to Guru- Shishya Parampara in different parts of the country. These exhibitions are adorned by the artworks of three to four Guru-Shishya generations.

Due to the ongoing scenario, the group conducted its First International Online Art Exhibition-NIRANTAR 2020 on the theme of COVID -19 from 25th June, 2020 to 15th July, 2020 on various online platforms. The exhibition was graced by the esteemed artworks of 4 invited artists, namely- Sh. Biman Bihari Das, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Mrs. Disha Kushwaha and Sh. Shriprakash Rawat. Nirantar group received 500 entries from all around the world. Out of these, total 164 works were selected and exhibited in the International Online Art Exhibition- NIRANTAR 2020.
The group proudly presented the artworks of 32 international artists and 69 Indian artists in the exhibition. The Online Exhibition received tremendous love and appreciation from the viewers from all around the world. This encouraged us to put up our Second International Online Art Exhibition- NIRANTAR 2020 on Teacher’s Day, as a tribute to all the Gurus . For this event, we had received a total of 700 entries from India and 50 countries from all around the world Nirantar, just as the name suggests, though continuous efforts in bringing forward a series of Solo Shows of various artists. The group has conducted Solo Shows of Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Ms. Shivani Sharma and Mr. Bhupinder Singh, Shri. Rakesh Bani, Antonius Kho and duo shows of Ms. Nidhi Mahajan Sharma, Ms. Ujjawal Chathle and Ms. Disha Kushwaha, Mr. Deepanshu Sharma. The year 2021 brings with it new hope for normalcy in everyone’s lives and with this positive note Nirantar Art Group kick started the year with the 3 rd International Online Art Exhibition. A total of 434 International, National and Emerging Artists were a part of this endeavour. The Group also conducted its First International Online Art Exhibition for Junior Artists. The exhibition provided a platform for the young and budding artists. The Group had recently organised the Online Art Exhibition of Drawings in Black and White of Mr. Lalit Pant and Dr. Sanjeev Kumar. For the upcoming event the group is organising the 4th International Online Art Exhibition which will be on display on various online platforms.

Acrylic on canvas
60.9 x 50.8 cm