Bogor Art Meet 2021

Retrospeksi Buitenzorg 539th
Del 16 de junio al 16 de agosto de 2021
Bogor · Indonesia

Bogor Art Meet is an initiation space that aims at documenting works for artists; art worker; creators who are domiciled in the Bogor Raya area: Bogor Regency, Bogor City, Cianjur Regency, Sukabumi Regency, and Sukabumi City, using 2 and or 3 dimensional visual media; painting, photography, design, cartoon, sketch, street art, and so on as well as experimental videos and / or films.

The initiation of BAM can also be referred to as an effort to build a database of artists in the Greater Bogor area based on virtual work. BAM is part of a virtual project developed with the IAC Network; from April 2021 to unlimited time. This means that as a virtual project, BAM applies virtual communication as the main interaction and this can also be called an experimental project to measure how actors of local arts and culture can interact with technology.

As an introduction, BAM invited artists; art worker; creators in the Greater Bogor area in particular and Indonesia widely and internationally to take part in Virtual BAM2021.

Buitenzorg Anniversary 539th
Buitenzorg retrospect became the theme of Virtual BAM2021 as an initial strategy to revisit Bogor as an integrated area since the colonial era, and now the marking is 539 years old. It is quite old as a civilization, while for the new generation it is no longer enough to know that the Bogor area has experienced golden times in various ways; whether it is as a cultural center, a research center and now the center of a new economic area.

Retrospection can be referred to as an invitation to introspect on an area with a critical point of view and / or expectations, as Buitenzorg said it is embedded and interpreted as the City of Peace; A City Without Anxiety. Even speculation is to open various interpretations related to the natural potential, historical and cultural assets of the Greater Bogor area, both missing from critical conversations and all artifacts of regional identity that have escaped collective memory. Especially on the balance between the desire to become a new economic center with the principle of environmental justice which is increasingly becoming a burden to the surrounding community.

Virtual BAM2021 has invited and selected works that will be presented virtually during the months of June – August 2021, there at least 48 artists form 18 countries. We really appreciate the participation of works especially those that are specifically made to respond to themes as well as participation that match the theme even though they were made not specifically for events BAM and works that are merely participating are still welcome. Therefore, exhibition displays are arranged based on the specificity of the work and participation approach.

Art Project Director
Bahtiar Dwi Susanto

Searching for peace
20 x 24 inches

Modern cities face growth and development every day. It doesn´t matter if they have a privileged location, facing the sea, surrounded by rivers, in large valleys or located in beautiful mountainous landscapes. In countries that are on the never-ending road to development, their inhabitants become anonymous beings struggling to survive.

What must the city of my dreams have? Beyond urban development, green spaces and large buildings or highways, you must have peace, the most important resource so that the people can walk through the streets without the fear of being attacked, can live in harmony, can breathe tranquility and find your own spiritual path.