1st Khajuraho International Online Art Exhibition

From 14th to 31st January 2021
Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Everyone’s Art and Cultural Heritage EACH Welfare Society is pleased to welcome you to the Inauguration of KHAJURAHO INTERNATIONAL ONLINE ART EXHIBITION 2021

We are grateful in recognition for your precious contribution as participants of the Khajuraho International online Art Exhibition 2021

EACH Welfare Society, India

A society from which beauty is removed becomes cruel. Human longing for beauty has given rise to amazing forms of aesthetic creativity such as architecture, gardens, performing arts, cuisine, sacred rituals, arts and crafts. For centuries, nothing has been able to suppress this urge to create beauty. Crafts are an integral part of this groove for experiential creativity and imagery of forms. It is an extension of the human mind that is given life through the hand resulting in a physical, scientific, intellectual, emotional, meditation and sacred construction, usually born of local culture, environment, lifestyle and content. Craft utility, decoration, adornment, meditation and aesthetics all rolled into one. The human quality of handwork compliments the discerning and sophisticated user of craft products, who adorn, decorate, and celebrate the intangible qualities of their creator and creativity by supporting handwork to use in daily life.EACH® celebrates and promotes this philosophy of handicraft. You have arrived in an authentic curved arts and crafts collective inspired by the elegant and varied Indian ethos. We offer handcrafted creations by artisans, master craftsmen, craft groups, self-help groups, NGOs and designers from India. Like the famous Silk Route of the famous Meena Bazaar and today’s Dilli Haat, EACH® celebrates the crafts and craftsmanship of India and positively impacts the crafts sustainability and livelihood of craftsmen and their communities.

Lust · Luxure · Lust · Lussuria · Luxuria · Ñukik · Похоть · 情欲 · 欲望 · شهوة

Oil on canvas
100 x 100 cm.